Farmhouse Dining Room

We’ve been in our house 4 months now and I haven’t painted a single wall, until now.   So while the husband was away hunting for the week, I had asked my mom to come stay for a week so I could start a few projects.  I wanted to start with our dining room.  It will probably be the easiest room being I already have the right furniture and I knew where everything would go.

The previous colors weren’t bad, just a little too much dark green for me.  I brought home a TON of different paint samples from yellows, to tans, to grays.  My husband, Jason, always says it’s “my” house being I never let him decide on the decorating part.  So this time I gave him my samples and told him to pick the color.  I honestly had 2 different colors picked out but he actually picked a color out!!  I was so proud of him, I had to go with the color he chose.

Here are a few before pictures.

IMG_1500 IMG_1499 IMG_1503

Here is the after!


Jason was completely against painting all the trim.  It is NOT at all the original trim to our 90 year old house and none of the trim throughout the house is the same wood.  So, for contrast, I left some of it unpainted and painted the rest.


I added this nice cabinet for our little collections.  Post on that later.



The settee is a rental piece, but I didn’t want it outside in the shop due to dirt/dust.  So it fits nicely here for now.


This is my husband’s piece.  A very neat old stove.


Love our coffee station.  The card catalog my in-laws made just makes this a perfect spot in the mornings.



Who doesn’t love a little Diet Dad’s root beer sign?


I didn’t paint the french doors.  I’m hoping at a later time, I can actually remove all the paint and have them wood.  I believe these may be original to the house.


I chose to stick with the lighter colors in the room and having the black and wood tone furniture.  I love how it all sort of plays together.  I still have some tweeking to do.  Still need curtains for the large sliding glass door in the room.  I was thinking a burlap???  And I would like to have a small shelf made or some hooks under the large black mirror.  And one day find a new light fixture.  But for now, I love the turn out of it.  The rest is just small tweeking stuff.

Now on to the living room and kids’ bedrooms.  And a sneak peek of Jason’s “den”.



Hope you enjoyed!




  1. Looks great! Like the color,really brightens the room! On to the next project.

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