Bathroom Makeover

Lately I feel like I’ve been sailing on auto pilot.  Life has been super busy getting the house ready for it’s debut for the market.  We have been frantically finishing up projects that just haven’t been 100% completed.

I have to be honest, (and sure hope I speak for most here)….Hello, my name is Sondra.  I’m a procrastinater!  First step, is admitting you have a problem.  Done!  Next step, trying to fix it….getting there.   Our downstairs bathroom needed a major makeover.   We set a plan to finally get to it when we had some leaky pipes which caused the start of some mold on the wall directly behind the vanity.  So, awhile ago (I refuse to admit when but some of you already know) we started the tear out.  I had a vision for most of it, and other things I just went with the flow.  Here are a few before pictures.  Please brace yourselves.



I wanted to try and save the vanity at least but had too much mold on the back.  Don’t be jealous of the pink wallpaper now.  Now we are completely finished and love it and going to move!  I really need to stop procrastinating things like this!  Here’s the after pictures.


I have never owned a tiled shower before and let me say, I love it!  The water just sounds so peaceful.  My hubby did a fabulous job with all the trim and small cuts that were involved.  Throughout the house, we have oak trim and doors but really wanted the bathroom to have white.  I really like the mixture of the 2 together in the bathroom.  The room is actually very small but after taking out the huge vanity and adding more lighting really makes it seem much larger.  I also took away the mirrored medicine cabinet which hubby disagreed with.  However, it would have looked bulky with the pedestal sink.

We sure learned a lot being this was our first bathroom remodel.  And I know the hubby can’t wait until we buy a new home and tear out the next bathroom!  At least I hope the next owners will enjoy it.




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