My Galley Kitchen

Our house was built over 30 years ago and is apart of the greater cookie-cutter division in our neighborhood.  Most of these houses were thrown up with very little quality.  Our neighbor’s house, looks exactly like ours with the exception that they’re different colors.  With that being said, our house got to be one of the lucky ones with a galley kitchen.

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I have to be honest, I HATED galley kitchens.  I didn’t like their layout, I didn’t like the look, and they seem so small.  However, with the decision to sell the house without doing a huge tear down of the biggest eye-soar in the house, came the plan to repaint anything that stood still.  Someone else is going to need to look at this galley kitchen and like it, right?

I got everything painted and replaced that needed it.  On my 3 page list of things-that-NEED-to-be-done before the house goes on the market was to paint the ceilings.   This is by far one of the biggest jobs that the house needed due to the open floor plan of the kitchen, dining area, living room, and hallways.  (Ughhh!!)

But this past weekend, the hubby and I got it done!  The ceilings look great and my new can lighting in the kitchen looks AMAZING!  I even found hardware (finally) for the cabinets.  Here’s a refresher of what the kitchen looked like before…

100_1079 100_1080

Be honest!  Did you just shreak!?  How about snicker??  I sure do every time I look at these before pictures.  Would you buy a house with a kitchen that looks like this??

Finally, my ‘DONE’ pictures are here.



Secret: Even the counters were painted!!  You can find it here.



This kitchen makeover has really changed my way of thinking when it comes to galley kitchens.  Even though it could really use some more counter space, I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I keep asking myself why I didn’t do this 5 years ago when we acquired the house!  When we met with our realtor, she even made comments about loving how bright it is!

Our dining room really got the ‘galley’ part as well.





Instead of adding new cabinets for more pantry space, I found this AMAZING cabinet from the early 1900’s that fits perfectly in the corner and adds a ton of room for pantry stuff.  Sorry friends, too many have asked to buy it from me but I am heavily attached to it!  😉



  1. LOVE it! The deeper color on the wall sets off the cabinets just perfectly!! Ceiling looks wonderful, love the lights!

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