Master Bedroom

Still slowly working on staging different rooms in our house getting ready to sell.  It was the master bedroom’s turn!  One tip I have if you are staging your home whether it be for selling or just for decorating purposes, I have found that taking pictures of a room and pulling it up on my computer can help SO MUCH!!  It really gives you an idea of what your room really looks like and what eye soars stick out that you might not notice just standing in that room looking at it.  For us, staging our house to sell, pictures are what a potential buyer will see first of our house.  I NEED the pictures to look perfect!  I have already taken tons of before pictures of our house and have made a 3 page list of everything that needs to be changed or worked on.

This last week has been my master bedroom update.  I didn’t have to do much just a little adding and tweaking.  This is the before picture..


As my husband, Jason, calls it “Tan-tastic”!!  I love getting a man’s perspective.  We added new paint and new carpet a few years ago.  So maybe just some lighter colored items and some new curtains to brighten it up a little.  So off to Home Goods I went!!


Found this set of cream/white curtains.  2 in a pack for only $20!  I had to buy 2 sets due to the 2 windows and I liked the panels on each side of the window versus one side like I had the other ones.


Then I found these cute lamps!  Found 2 identical for $30 each.   As you can see (or maybe it’s only me) in the before picture we both had different lamps on each side of the bed.  Different shapes, colors, and sizes and really looked bad in the picture to me.

I have been searching thrift stores and craigslist for awhile now looking for the perfect headboard.  I finally found one for $70 and painted it a white color to match the curtains.  Other than doing a little cleaning, all I did was add these few elements to the room and it really brightened it up!  I also had to take out the bench at the end of the bed.  I have to admit, all these years I really thought it looked good.  Up until I took the before picture and realized it didn’t match at all!!

For a total of $170 the room looks great!  What do you think??




Next in this room that’s on my to do list is to paint our closet doors and finish some trim work.  Then Master Bedroom is complete!




  1. Great job on the room and the budget. I really like the windows with 2 curtains on them and the new matching lamps. The bedside furniture you have is great too. Pretty bedding. Try folding the quilt at the end of the bed if you have a red coverlet under it (it looks like it in the pic) and see if you like that. It gives that fluffy B&B look 🙂 Great job on the room and thanks for the motivation. Our master is just ugly! Gotta get on it.

  2. Thanks Claudine! I did notice once I posted of course, that I pulled the comforter up too far! But I like your idea of pulling the comforter down more and showing more of the fleece blanket underneath. Good luck on your room!

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