DIY Wedding Shoes

My wedding was DIY from the decor straight down to my shoes??  Yep!  Even my shoes!  No, I didn’t make them from scratch, however, I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I bought some and modified.

My husband is a bow hunter and so for our wedding his vest and our son’s vest were going to be in camouflage.  Our groomsmen stayed the wedding color, purple.  I wanted to be able to incorporate the Camo into my attire somehow, my shoes.  I searched for months to find the perfect camo wedding shoes with no luck.  Oh they’re out there, but we were having our reception on a farm and I wasn’t going to try and pull off 4″ heels (or more!).  Someone suggested (laughingly of course) I should just make my own shoes.  WHAT A GREAT IDEA!  Now to shop for shoes I can easily take apart and put back together.

I found these shoes at Payless Shoes.


These are made by Fioni Night, Knot Slingback.

If I remember right, I paid under $20 for them.

I then found the Camo fabric I was going to use at Joanns Fabrics.  As well as the fabric glue.  There are tons of fabric glues that you can choose from.  I got a combo pack that also had the anti-fraying chemical in the pack.   My fabric that I used didn’t fray very much so I never ended up using this, but got it just in case.

Here’s how I did it…

1. As you can see at the bottom of the shoe by the toes, I was able to take a very small sewing scissors and cut off the black satin fabric.  I repeated this on the other side as well.  And the fabric just came right off.

2. I then took my Camo fabric and replicated the size and cut to the old piece I just cut off.  I even tied it first and then set it on the shoe and made cutting adjustments as I needed too.  I did sew an inseam around the edges to make sure the fabric layed down very nice and didn’t fray.  You could skip this step if you don’t know how to sew and glue and tuck the edges.

3. I applied the fabric glue starting on one side at the bottom of the shoe.  I did have to hold down the fabric for a few minutes so I could continue without the fabric moving as I stretched it to the other side.  I only applied the glue towards the bottom of the shoes at first.

4. After I had applied the glue to the bottom of the shoes on both sides and my fabric was on, then I went back and started applying a little more at a time, especially more towards the bottom so over time they wouldn’t fray or come off from me walking in them.

5. I let them dry for a few days.  I trimmed around the bottom a little after they were completely dry.   I had time, wedding wasn’t for another 4 days!



This was actually very simple.  It took me a little time being I only had 4 days until my wedding and I had to get it right the first time!  But they didn’t turn out too bad and not a single person could tell that my shoes were part of my DIY wedding!



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