Fireplace Mantel

We are planning on selling our home within the next few months.  So with that being said, be prepared for posts about staging, decorating, home improvement etc.  I really don’t consider myself a “professional stager” so chime in (PLEASE) with any comments or advice.

We have already cleared out about half the furniture and stuff out of the house to make it look bigger and more….wonderful.  There’s been small things that I’ve been meaning to get around too but just haven’t yet, that are now making priority.  Like making a headboard for our bed, changing curtains, rearranging furniture, getting a new coffee table, organizing closets, finishing my son’s room/bed/dresser and so much more!

So I thought we’d start out by clearing out the house.  Which has been done.  (Thank goodness!!)  Next up, was the fireplace.  I’ve been thinking about doing SOMETHING different with it for years but just didn’t make it first on my list.



Sort of boring, right?!  And really ugly.  I really didn’t want to paint the brick.  First very time consuming, and I’d just be making it REALLY pretty for someone else.  No my idea of good time management at this point.  I just wanted to make it look, nice.  It takes up most of this small family room, so being it was already a focal point, I just wanted to bring that out a little more.


Of course, painting the mantel was a no brainer!  It’s pretty, just too dark for the dark brick I think.

After only a few days of painting…





I decided to paint just a few pieces of the brick to make it look a little more like a full mantel versus a big block of wood floating on a wall of brick.  The mirror I had laying around from a dresser that we are using but the dresser sits in front of a window so I am unable to use the mirror.  I thought it worked pretty good here!  I walked around the house and added a few little accessories that I thought would look nice there.  I’ll probably be doing more tweaking, but for now, I’m happy with it.

What do you think?

Next project I will be working on, our armoire bookshelves.  Here’s a before picture.


Ewww!!  Post will be coming soon.


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