DIY Wedding Centerpieces Under $10

Weddings sure can be expensive.  But the popularity is growing in DIY projects and cutting back on expenses for weddings.  Besides, this is a day to be celebrated with friends and family, coming to watch you two start a new life together.  Why do you NEED to spend $30,000 for one day??

I started the rental side of my business to help brides with not only the decor aspect, but to help save money for the details that they want.  There is more and more personality going into weddings than ever.  However, I’d love to give ideas for the smaller DIY projects that can be done on your own.  So I thought a little trip to the local dollar store and a small centerpiece challenge would be fun.  Let’s be honest, I had so much fun thinking up so many ideas with my own wedding, I can’t stop myself to still look at pictures and play around some.

Here is my DIY wedding centerpieces under $10.  Feel free to use them, add to them, and personalize them in any way that fits for you.

This is the few items I picked up to start with.

This is the few items I picked up to start with.


What I got…

-Glass plates

-Glass candle stick holders

-Glass tealight holders

-Battery operated tealights


-Fake moss

-Glass (approx) 7″ candle holder

Now all these items were a dollar each other than the glass tealight candle holders came in a pack of 2 for $1 and the tealights were in a pack of 3 for $1.   Not bad, huh!


I started out by gluing the candle stick holders to the plates.  I just put the glass jars on top to add some weight while they were drying.   This is basically the heart of my centerpiece.  $2!!  Easy right!  I used an industrial glue that could be used on glass.  Just be sure to read the warning labels!  If you’ll be doing 20 of these you’ll need some ventilation with some of the glues that are out there.  (just learned this)

IMG_0602 IMG_0603

I let them dry for awhile. And then I started playing with the other items I got.

IMG_0577 IMG_0583

I tried one with the vine around it.  Then one without.  I did have extra flowers laying around.  Total costs on these were roughly $9.  Add any flowers you want and you’ve got a great DIY centerpiece for under $10.

IMG_0586 IMG_0590 IMG_0592

Here, I had some candles (not from the dollar store) laying around and added them and put the tealights on the table for light.  Some other ideas:

-Put sand or rock ontop of the plate instead of moss.  These can be found at the dollar store as well.

-Use a large pail or something else to put flowers in ontop of the glass plates

-Add fabric or color to the candles or the plate to fit your theme.

-For more color, paint the bottom candle stick holder or the tealight holders to your wedding colors.

-Add twine or ribbon around for a softer look to any of these pieces.


There is so much at the dollar stores that can easily be put together to make some really great centerpieces.  The plates and the candle stick holders I see at a lot of different dollar stores.   These easy diy plates could be used for cakes or cupcakes as well.  Who says centerpieces have to cost a lot to look great?





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