Antique Country Style Buffet

Back in late December, I had posted this picture of this antique buffet on my facebook page ( ).  I wanted opinions of what color to paint it.



The wood veneer really was pretty, however, it had some major flaws that really couldn’t be fixed.  So paint I must do.  If you look at the doors the beautiful trim was missing on one door.  Well, I may work with wood, but I’m not an experienced wood detailer!  So I had to work with what I could do, paint.

At first, I thought I could at least sand and stain the top.  To my dismay, that wasn’t going to work either.


Yep, I tried.  But this big ink stain just wouldn’t come out!  I was pretty bummed and even thought to leave it.  It adds character right?!?  But the hubby said it looked pretty bad.  I tried all the tricks in the book and this wasn’t coming out.  So paint I must do.  So after taking in all the opinions from facebook and imagining in my head what color called out to me for this piece, this is what I decided….


Here’s my antique country style buffet.  The best part is when I bought it, there was missing hardware.  But to my surprise when I opened the drawers it was all there!  I love when that happens.  I added the fabric to the doors being that once I took the old wood detailing off, there was so much glue leftover as well as an inlay that lifted a little.  If I would have just painted over it, it just wouldn’t look very nice.  Even after a TON of sanding.



I was really pleased with the way this antique country style buffet turned out.  For this project I tried out the Devoe Paint.  It’s supposed to be very similar in comparison to Benjamin Moore paint.  It was recommended by my local paint store.  So I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I actually enjoyed it.  It went on nice a something and I only put 2 coats of paint on it.  The coverage looks really good!

Now onto my next few projects!





  1. Love, love, love this piece!!!

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