Decorating Country Style

There are so many names behind the kinds of decorating that people do.  Modern, traditional, shabby chic, eclectic, casual, romantic, and list goes on.  And there can be a lot of differences between all of them.  We all have our own style, our own likes.  But let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, there’s a little country love in all of us!

So why Country Style??  What is it that people like about it?  What is it that makes it country and why do people decorate with it??

MY reason for Country…..I HAVE KIDS!  The more the distressed the furniture is, the less I care if the kids throw monster trucks at it.  It just adds to the charm!  People tend to love those old, rusty, distressed items 1. for it’s uniqueness, 2. there’s not much worrying nor maintenance involved.

The history.  As our loved ones start to pass away, we try and hold onto something that we can look at everyday to remind us of them.  Some people just love the idea that someone spent hours in his garage or basement carving out details and making the drawers.  We picture in our heads this cute old man in his bibs and white T-shirt, with his hands filled with dust, just spending hours working with natural wood.  We found a dresser that we estimated dates back to the late 1800’s.  I can’t help but think of the walks of life it has seen and the people that have used it.

old man

Durability.  If it’s old, it’s REAL wood!  My favorite part when I get to refinish something is learning what kind of wood it is.  Some wood is harder than others, some have different colors, some of which not a lot of trees of that kind exist anymore.  Tiger Oak and Bird’s Eye Maple are by far 2 I see more often, and they still put a smile on my face when I see it.  Over the years of my experience, it has amazed me how old some of these pieces are and to look at the drawers and realize that all they are being held together with, is glue and nails!  After 100 years, and many moves later, that is amazing!

tiger oak

Barn Doors  Who doesn’t love an old white or red chippy old barn wood!  Here in Minnesota everyone seems to be looking for them.  So many of these great old buildings are being torn or even BURNED down!  This wood is over 100 years old and has stood the test of time with weather!  Beautiful wood, great colors, you can’t go wrong with this look.  You can plop them in your house just about anywhere and you’ve got an extra wall, a conversation piece, or a place to hang more art.

Old barn door used to replace an actual door.

Old barn door used to replace an actual door.

The Farm Houses  Can’t forget to mention this favorite of Country Style.  Who doesn’t love a wrap around porch!  Shutters on every window and nice colors.  Not much else to be said.

farm house

Mismatched Furniture  This seems to be a growing popularity for all decorating styles.  Not all of your furniture needs to match!  I love this because not many can afford to buy their first homes and fill an entire house right away.  To add more to that, people’s styles change throughout the years as well.  I used to like brown furniture, tans, whites.  Slowly I have started to get pretty daring mixing colors, red chairs, black furniture, white furniture, newer furniture, older wood dressers etc.  I think this mismatched decorating keeps each room interesting.  And we don’t feel the pressure to have a finished decorated house in one weekend.

Multiple Uses  Old rakes used as wine glass holders, suitcases stacked up for end tables, wash tubs for flowers, wagon wheels as light fixtures, galvanized buckets as light fixtures, doors as headboards.  The list is too long!!  In one word, Repurposed.  And farm items get reused more than any other items that I have seen out there.  It’s such a great way to reuse what’s no longer being used and it’s beautiful!

This is just my little list of reasons why I find Country Style decorating so appealling.  We live in the suburbs only 20 short minutes away from Minneapolis but our heart will soon find the country life.  Until then, I try and keep our small home a little bit of country.

I would love to hear how others decorate in Country Style or see some pictures!



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