Thrift Store Challenge

I don’t buy vehicles, I don’t buy shoes, I don’t buy clothes.  What do I love spending money on… and decor!!  I call it my addiction with rules.  ( I do set rules for myself so I don’t buy EVERYTHING.)  Being that it’s cold and winter is here in Minnesota, the place to be is the thrift stores.  I have my favorites and I rotate often.  This week I went a found a few good treasures and brought them home.  Unfortunately for me, my husband was home.  He said, “No more smalls until you get some done and boxed away!”.  Well, ok, easy enough.  Yesterday I brought in a bunch of the stuff I have recently bought and challenged myself to decorate them somehow, or paint, or simply clean up.  I only do a couple of shows in the fall to sell my items, so sometimes motivation sits around my house.  I’ve got all year to do it right!?  Not really.  Having a successful show means working all year round.  So challenges I must set for myself!

So here was my table of stuff.


Now it’s time to work!


These must be old bocce balls.  The paint was coming off so much that I decided to rub on some poly to keep them from making a mess all over.


I broke out my trusty ol’ Behr paint.  I love this paint.  Nice and smooth!  One of my favorites that I use often.


Remember the small purple vase sitting on the table??  I wrapped some of it up with twine and added some flowers.  I decided I really like the wreath just the way it was.



The 2 vases up close.


I bought just the lamp part and went to Walmart (I think) and found this perfect red lamp shade for $15.  I do have to get a finial to fit the lamp shade on, but it will look great!

I worked on some of the other items too but the paint wasn’t dry yet.  I’m still working on those and plan to post pictures once they’re done.


Over the summer, I had picked up these pictures from somewhere.  They were super cheap and super boring.  However, I have a good tip coming here!!


One is a picture of a farm and the other of some ducks.  Nice plain wood frames.  I thought I would just replace the pictures.  But then I thought of more ways to reuse them.  Someone actually printed these pictures out and cut them to size and put them in these frames.  I can find a way just to rustic them up a little more.


****Here’s my TIP!!!***  If you don’t know how to add words to pictures by using your computer or software, open up your word file and change your page layout size, and put the pictures through your printer.  As long as the picture fits, print your favorite sayings or words on them.  My only suggestion is before printing them off, try a dry run on a regular piece of paper first and match up where it would go on the picture.  Sometimes you have to change your font size etc, but how easy right!?

So my sayings are on the pictures.  Now to the frames.  I asked my facebook fans what they thought I should do with the frames.  Paint them, what color, stain them.  This is the final look.


Now onto my next table full of things to work on!





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