MORE to come for 2013! Wedding inspired photos included

2013 has finally arrived!  Hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration.  Anyone making New Year’s Resolutions??  I have to admit, I never do.  I always have goals.  (As well as multiple lists laying around)   This year’s goals are to get my house staged and perfect for selling, moving, and adding our 3rd child to our crazy mix.

As for this blog, I’ve had so much great response to the suggestions of barns and rental items etc, that I plan on bringing so much more of that into my posts.  More ideas, more diy projects, more rental items, more changes to the look of this blog, and so many more ideas that I have for 2013!

Check out this clip I found on Pinterest from a rental company from Pennsylvania that made up this great guide.

I thought it is such a great reference guide from where to have your wedding, to average money spent, to how big of a tent you need.  Hope you find it helpful.

And here are a few of some favorites of mine.  I have saved these over the past few years, so please forgive me as I do not recall where or from which website I got these photos from!  Looking forward to another great year!

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