Working From Home While Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom

Creatvitiy is letting our inner child out in us.  Being a mother of 2, there are lots of moments when you have to come up with something creative, fun, and entertaining for them to do.  I work from home, therefore, my job seems a little more….distracting than most jobs I’ve held before.  My days consist of waking up, feeding the kids, making sure they’re ready for school, get them off to school, pick up my son from school by 11:20, feed him lunch, find something to entertain him with, then daughter comes home at 3:30, some nights it’s off to therapy/wrestling/girl scouts, rush home make dinner, homework, baths, then bedtime routines.  (whew!!)  And somewhere in there I do need to be painting, sewing, finding, buying, creating, diy-ing, blogging, etc.  So I think as mothers we automatically come up with this AMAZING creativity to fit in all these things and still ‘work’ if we must.  So I came up with some ideas of how to either involve kids or work around them.  (I’m always looking for more ideas to update this list, so message me if you have any.)

1. Involve them.  My daughter loves giving her opinions on things that I’m working on.  What color, which handles, which fabric etc.  And if I can, I find small pieces of wood (old frames etc.) for them to paint on outside while I work on my things.

2. Squeeze in time with them while working.  If I’m working on something that can be done in the house, I will work on little games (spelling, numbers, flash cards etc) with him.

3. Give them time frames (for you and for them).  It seems to end up being a little lesson about time, but my kids seem to do really well it.  I tell them I’m going to work for a half an hour and they need to find something to do quietly (I usually help find something for them) then we look at the clock together and figure out where the hands need to be.  And believe me, they hold me to it.

4. I like to tell them what my plans are for the day and then I ask them what they’re plans are for the day.  Note, my kids are 5 and 7 so they really grasp this concept.  Younger kids might not.  I ask them if they’re going to paint or play with playdoh etc.

5. If I can, I make it a teaching moment.  They are so curious about my tools that I use, so if I have handles that need to be taken off etc, I let them try and use the drill or small screwdriver.  (NOTE: If I’m working in the garage and using tools, I NEVER walk away from a tool still plugged in or within reach after I have used it, just in case they get too curious)

6. Giving them washing jobs!  It’s hot outside and kids will do anything to use the hose.  Enough said.

7. Another easy one, give them the vacuum to help clean up some of those dirty items.

8. Even though it was my decision to work from home AND be a stay-at-home-mom, I always make time for them.  Our time is usually in the evenings due to sports, homework, supper time, etc.  I do have that time where my work day is over and they know that is coming.

9. Plan dates with them.  I have to be honest, I HAVE to get better about this.  This is more for summer time, but plan 1 day to go to the zoo or musuem.  That’s they’re reward for letting me work so hard and time to spend with me and my undivided attention.

10. The biggest one, remember you are only human and we as parents do the best we can trying to juggle life, kids, and family.  If you forget a basketball practice or need to spend an hour after supper finishing up some work, that’s ok too.  They have to understand that you still love them and that you have to work too.  I’ve messed up a few times, but I’m confident that both my kids know that I love them and I will always be there for them and they’re needs.  So don’t go beating yourself up over it.

With the vacuum!

With the vacuum!

Getting 'drill' practice.

Getting ‘drill’ practice.

Posing for pictures in newly finished pieces.

Posing for pictures in newly finished pieces.

Washing a few pieces.

Washing a few pieces.

Another pose for the picture.

Another pose for the picture.


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