DIY Craft Night (really a Pinterest party)

Happy December everyone!  Only 20 more days until Christmas.  If you are anything like our large family, it actually starts in less than 2 weeks and runs until the end of December.  So with most of the major shopping done, I thought it would be great to make a few gifts.  So I talked to my dear friend since high school, Stacy, we picked a date to tackle our projects.  With Pinterest out there, we searched different fun ideas to do and make along with a few of our own ideas we had in mind.

With both of us being pregnant the first hour consisted of chatting baby stuff.  (Not too much accomplished yet.)  But while we were chatting I had tried a recipe of artichoke bread that I found on pinterest.

Pinned Image

Yes, yummy!  And for our non-alcholic drinks, cranberry juice, apple juice, and gingerale mixed.  I never found a recipe for this drink so I kept mixing until I got the taste I wanted.  Yum as well!

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So our to do’s looked like this:

Stacy- A Christmas bouquet with florals and candy canes for her mom, and a picture collage for her in-laws from her recent wedding.

Me- Soap loafas made from a towel and hand scrub.  I thought these would be perfect for teachers and neighbors.

So a few hours later, and lots of laughs later, this is all we came up with….

We only had a few hours together to get these projects done, but we had a lot of fun.  I’m pretty sure we deserve Pinterest t-shirts.  (bing…idea!  Hehehe…)

It’s not too late, get your projects and your girlfriends and have a craft party!  This may have to be an annual thing.


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