A Painted Kitchen Before and After Pictures

Between the Holidays and family and friends gatherings, the kitchen gets things done here and there.  (I’m sure you know how that goes sometimes)  Even though I have yet to find the perfect handles for all the doors and drawers, I couldn’t help but share the change of our kitchen.  If you remember, our house was built in 1978 along with many other cookie cutters in the neighborhood.  My dad (who would have turned 50 this year R.I.P.) had done a great job with other updates throughout the home to make it stand out a little more.  One of those being all newer appliances.

Here’s the kitchen before.

Yes really.  Check out that great big rectangular moon on the ceiling!  My husband loves to cook and I love to do….canning??  Anyways, we just hated being in this kitchen.  Our motivation to change something was were are planning to sell within the year.   With that being said, I had set out a budget of $600-$700.   My plan was, paint all the cabinets, update handles, do SOMETHING with the countertops, repaint the ceiling, repaint the walls, and replace the kitchen faucet and over the range hood vent.  Sounds easy enough.  Then my helpful neighbor (who’s husband is an electrician) came over and thought my ideas sounded great but I should put recessed lighting throughout.  My husband was sold.  I was going over budget.  Bummer, however, well worth it.

Here’s the after.













Now here’s how my budget broke down:

Ceiling Paint (2 gal)                        $40

Rollers and tray                                $7

Plastic (cover)                                    $6

Wall Paint (1 gal)                              $34

Cabinet paint  (2 gal)                       $56

Wood Filler                                        $7

Kitchen Faucet                                  $113

Hood Vent                                          $132

Misc, (spackle, gloves, etc)              $18

Lighting                                              $454

Countertop Paint                              $80

Total (so far) =                                                $947.00

I still have to buy the hardware and some floor trim.  2 big things I highly recommend if you are to repaint you kitchen, 1. wood fill all the holes or missing pieces of veneer in all cabinets, doors, drawers EVERYTHING!  It just makes the paint look so smooth and wonderful.  2. Kilz primer only!  I made the mistake and bought the cheaper bulls eye, well I didn’t scrub my cabinets good enough so all the grease just seaped through the 2 coats of primer I put on.  So I had to go back to the store and get the good stuff before I could paint.

Products I use and Love:

-Behr paint (usually always paint and primmer in one)

-Purdy paint brushes

-Giani Granite paint for countertops.  Very fast, easy, and looks really great!  (I’ll let you know how durable it is after awhile)

Hope you enjoyed!


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