Kitchen Upgrade by just repainting cabinets

After a long month of September and some nice recovery time afterwards, I have started the big project of ‘remodeling’ our kitchen. It has too long been stuck in the late 70’s and is time for a change. We have everything from one big yellow flourescent light fixture, old wood cabinets, to the orange countertops. Yes I said ORANGE. We are hoping to sell the house in the spring so we thought very minimal upgrades would be nice to spruce up the look of our eye-sore kitchen. I have given myself a total of 3 weeks to get it all done. I have spent all of last week prepping to get everything ready to go for paint, fix holes, patching up etc. Here are a few before pictures.







Here are days 4 and 5 with new lights in and priming done.  Now the painting can begin and the transformation takes over the ugly 70’s kitchen!

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