Headboard and footboard repurposed into a bench

We have been busy getting ready for shows and getting the kids off to school to start  a new school year.  About a year ago a lady called and said she had some stuff she wanted to sell and thought I’d be interested.  I got in my trusty truck and cruised over.  I left with my truck FULL!   There was a full size headboard and footboard that I couldn’t live without.  I already had my sites set on a bench. She called the next week and said she found the side rails.  I went a got them, but I was still set on making it into a great bench versus using it as a bed.  Thought about how I was going to do this (breifly) cut the footboard and half and stopped.  My husband came home and I thought he was going to cry he was so disappointed I cut this beautiful bed up.  But guess who ended up building it for me recently????  And of course now he loves it!



Here it was built and just primed ready for paint.



Now it’s in the trailer and off we go to the Slayton Boutique!




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