New Cabinet Available for your Minnesota Rustic Event

Perfect Vintage/Rustic Cabinet for your special event!

When I first got this piece almost a year ago, I had BIG plans.  It was white and most of the paint was falling off and the top was in pretty bad shape.  So it sat in storage until recently.  Plans were, to strip the whole thing and repaint it a nice dark color, add new wood to the top and re stain with perfection.  After my sander touched it, I quickly realized this was not going to be an easy task.  After almost an hour of sanding, I came to the realization my sander is NOT going to get this paint off.  Time for the stripper.  Put my first coat on.  Came back hours later and began the long process of scraping it all off.  Well……that was not only NOT easy, but it hardly looked like I got any paint off.  So I apply stripper a second time….and a third.  My wonderful husband did sit down with me and try helping get this paint off.  It wasn’t until he asked the question ‘Do you think there’s wallpaper or some sort of paper on this?’  By the 4th day, hours and hours, and almost a whole bottle of stripper, and probably close to 6 sheets of 80 grit sandpaper did I think “mmmm  maybe he could be right??”   I got out the wallpaper remover and started scrubbing and scrapping all over AGAIN!   Pretty sure at this point, I don’t need to go to the gym to work out these arms.  So 4 hours later, getting as much off as I think I can tolerate, I give up.  I was so set on having 5 layers of paint and possibly some sort of paper come completely off to re paint it.  Ironic, I know.  So yes, I just had to let this go and just work with what I had before me.  So onto the top. A neighbor was over and was asking me about this piece and about what I was going to do to the top.  As we’re talking about it, he starts messing with it and come to find out there’s a big sheet of thin, cheap, cardboard piece over that has just been painted a bunch of times and trim all around the edge.  NICE!   I peeled it off as fast as I could.  To find this wood!  I had to take all the wood off, however, and rework it back on to the cabinet and there was some paint that wouldn’t come off but due to the imperfections this cabinet already had, I left it.  After all this work, frustration, and hope this was the outcome.  It’s not perfect but it’s still beautiful!  And I love it!  I hope you do too.  Here’s the before/in process pictures.

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